Water Quality of our Canals and River systems

An Investigation into Water Quality and the Ecological Status of the Canal System Present in Galway City, in Addition to the concentrations of Heavy Metals Present in the Claddagh Basin and Eglinton Canal
Mia Donnelly, NUI Galway, 2018

Galway city contains an extensive system of canals and rivers that feed off the River Corrib. Recently, concerns have been raised over the water quality of these urbanised waterways. The study focuses on Galway’s Eglinton Canal System, which includes the Gaol and St. Clare, from its start near the campus of NUI Galway, to where these branches rejoin the River Corrib at the Wolfe Tone Bridge above The Claddagh. The purpose of this research is to obtain a quantitative analysis of the water chemistry and quality of benthic habitats of the chosen study areas within the canals system of Galway City, as the water that flows through these canals and rivers eventually reaches the Corrib river which then enters Galway Bay.

Click here to read the complete water quality report.

Critically endangered European Eel found Gaol River and St. Clare rivers

Four specimens of critically endangered European (Glass) Eel were found in the benthic habitat of the Gaol River and St. Clare rivers.

EU legislation, such as the Water Framework Directive (WFD) propose that 40% of adult eel must be allowed to escape freshwater habitats and return to the marine environment to spawn. EU member states with eel habitats are currently implementing the eel management plan at river basin level to reduce recreational fishing of eel and to ensure migratory pathways are not obstructed. Click here for the report on the European (Glass) Eels.


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